cap-versThe Kimmel Construction, Inc. (KCI) tradition for excellence in the construction industry dates back to 1946.

Since then, KCI has completed a myriad of projects – from multimillion dollar office buildings to historically significant restoration projects to schools, financial institutions, health care facilities, retail, and multi-unit residential developments.

We have established strong working relations with governmental agencies and possess an excellent understanding of the regulatory process as it affects construction. A long and varied history distinguishes KCI and affords us valuable and trusted relationships with experts in related fields.

KCI offers its clients full service construction options including design-build and construction management. Our healthcare services are excellent. KCI’s project managers and field personnel are experts in acute care and clinical healthcare projects and are very experienced working with OSHPD requirements and regulations.

KCI builds lasting relationships with its clients. Whether the project be a new free-standing building or a small tenant improvement, our personnel will demonstrate the same level of enthusiasm for the client and deliver the same high quality that has been our namesake for over 50 years

Management Information Systems
cap-misOur years of experience providing construction services has taught us the effectiveness of the project team is dependent upon the quantity and quality of interaction among its members, and the information available to them.

As one of our key management tools our Management Information System offers a proven method to gather, disseminate and update the information needed by individual team members when making a project related decision.

Essentially, Kimmel’s Management Information System is the embodiment of our Open-Book approach to project-team involvement. The ultimate objectives of this approach are to minimize surprises and misunderstandings among team members, and to maximize the team’s effectiveness in producing a project that meets your budget and corporate goals.

On time and within budget is possible only when a construction firm maintains tight control over the major work critical to the project.

KCI takes pride in the package of hardware and software we have put together, having selected what we feel is the best of what the industry has to offer. With a focus on stability, dependability and security, our clients need not worry about important documentation being lost or corrupted.

In this modern era of fast track construction, efficient use of electronic communications is an absolute requirement. All of our field offices are equipped with dedicated internet access and e-mail accounts.

While always preferring a face to face discussion followed by a handshake, we understand and take full advantage of the benefits that technology has made available to us and our clients.

cas-teamKCI has always adhered to the philosophy of teamwork. We specialize in negotiated projects and have clients for whom we have exclusively provided construction services over the past 20 years, working with them to accomplish their construction goals.

We are proactive builders. We do not wait for problems to surface before taking action. And like good teammates, we look ahead at what is coming up in our partners’ (owner, architect, engineers and subcontractors) areas of responsibility in order to make suggestions that could avoid a problem. Being proactive is more than just an attitude, it is a reflection of our experience. We can head off problems early due to the tremendous experience we bring to the team. In most cases we have successfully resolved the same issues dozens of times before, and we know how to avoid them in the future.

The most critical element in fostering good teamwork is open and honest communication. KCI will open up to our teammates right from the beginning. Budgets, schedules, successes and concerns should be shared by all and worked on as a team.

Design-Build Approach
In order to stay ahead of increasing building and operational costs, owners must have maximum assurance their projects are constructed and maintained in the most economical manner. Anticipating these needs, KCI has developed its expertise to become a leader in the design-build process. Our objective is to work with owners and team members to design a project to fit the short-term construction budget as well as longer-term operational budgets.

We are ready to become a member of your team!