1Whether it’s a historical renovation project or large hospital project, someone must take final responsibility to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.  At Kimmel Construction, Inc. we seek that role. In fact, we like to take it several steps further. Our preference is to work with clients on a turn-key basis, providing feasibility reports going into a project and comprehensive cost reports coming out.

Contractual Arrangements
All projects are not created alike; the same is true for contracts. For this reason, KCI offers flexibility in its contractual relationships with clients. The types of contract services we offer include design-build, guaranteed maximum price, turn-key, negotiated, select list competitive bid, and construction management.

Value Engineering
2KCI can review your project plans and recommend alternatives to decrease design costs as well as assist you with life cycle cost analysis and determining your construction costs. Without infringing on the architect’s original aesthetic or practical concepts, our value engineering services can turn a rendering that looks good on paper into a viable structure.

Your project will be assigned a construction management team with decision-making authority and the responsibility for timely and cost-effective progress. To facilitate their efforts, KCI produces computerized cost reports showing job progress and forecasted cash flow. These reports, in conjunction with our computerized critical path scheduling, ensures that subcontractors and suppliers stay on the right track for on-time completion.

Subcontractor Relations
Kimmel Construction, Inc. enjoys a reputation among subcontractors for fairness, integrity, and objectivity in contract evaluation. This gives us the opportunity to get the best from them for our clients.

Of utmost concern is onsite safety. KCI adheres to a longstanding commitment to protect workers from personal injury and to protect clients against liability. Our operations manager inspects all projects for compliance. Regular training sessions are provided to ensure current safety standards and practices are understood and implemented. As a result, we have one of the lowest experience modification rates in the industry, which contributes to lower project costs.

Quality Control
3KCI defines quality as conformance to requirements. Our experience has shown that most of the quality problems encountered in construction are the result of nonconformance.

Poor or inadequate definition of requirements has historically resulted in the highest rate of nonconformance. Uncontrolled, this can result in major hidden costs to an owner.

KCI’s quality control supervisor insures complete compliance with workmanship and material standards for its projects. Kimmel’s Quality Management Process (QMP) will be implemented under his direction.

KCI’s approach is unique to the construction industry, operating proactively to assure quality without increasing project cost. QMP concentrates on creating a quality awareness by all parties throughout the entire design, fabrication, and construction process.

QMP is a structured process involving analytical communication and follow-up. Quality is ultimately managed by each of the responsible parties engaged in the various phases of the project.

Kimmel believes that quality cannot be “inspected into” a product. We feel it must be built in and verified throughout the building and production process to assure requirements are being met.